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Different Types Of Exotic Indoor House Plants To Consider When Looking For A House Plant

Exotic indoor house plants are used to decorate the house and are generally easy to care for. These plants are normally adapted to growing in the house. Most of these plants are from the warm climates and can be grown in portable containers in houses where the climate is harsh. There are several exotic indoor house plants that you should consider when purchasing one for your house. This article discusses the various types of exotic indoor house plants that you can choose from.

One of the exotic indoor house plants includes the Rhipsalis Baccifera SSP. Baccifera which gives a natural tropical look to the house. The plant has long and cascading leaves that can grow up to six feet. The branches have very long stems that grow between them resembling spaghetti. The plant is also characterized by white berries hence the other name of mistletoe cactus form a previous name of the species which was cassutha.

Philodendron Tahiti is an exotic indoor house plant that belongs to the philodendron large family. The leaves are unique and deeply cut. The plant grows very fast I a cascading a manner thus you should consider having this plant as one of your indoor house plants. An advantage of this plant is that it does require much watering. The plant should also be kept form direct sunlight as one of the unique features about it is that it does not require too much light to grow.

From South Brazil and Argentina there is the Lepismium Houlletianum. This exotic indoor house plant has flowers which are white and yellowish. The plant is characterized with stems which are flat-like and narrow. The stems can grow up to 1.2 foot long and 1-inch wide. To display it properly you require placing it in a basket where the stems will be able to grow freely. The plant is also drought tolerant hence does not require much watering.

The Hatiora salicornioides is an exotic indoor house plant that has green leaves throughout the year. Flowers which resemble small lilies tend to grow on the funnel-shaped stems of the plant. The flowers have different colors and the plant has the ability to produce flowers twice a year. This plant requires fertile soil and little sunlight to do well. It is also important to note that this plant requires humidity thus spray watering is recommended.

The Epiphylitic cactus is an indoor house plant with origination from Central America. It is an unusual plant that is used to decorate the house. The stems which are also the leaves are curly and flat with round edges. The stems are twisted and this gives the plant the other name of curly lock. This plant is easy to grow and it can do so from the cutting or the seeds. The 3-inch flowers develop into large pink fruits the size of a Ping-Pong ball.

Foliage plants can also be used as indoor house plants due to their interesting leaves. These plants may include the Chinese Evergreen and European Fan Palm. The collective leaves form an attractive canopy that enhances the beauty of the house.

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