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A Guide on How to have Fun in Las Vegas Without Gambling.

Gambling and weddings occasions are the main reasons many people visit Las Vegas. If you are not a fan of gambling, here are some other ways you can enjoy your stay in Las Vegas.
You can enjoy your visit to Las Vegas by taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon in the Nevada desert. The chopper ride is an opportune moment for you to enjoy the sight of the Grand Canyon an experience beyond the images you see on the internet. Hovering over the Las Vegas strips also gives you an opportunity to view the Las Vegas street lighting that comes to life at night. if you enjoy vantage viewing, this can be arranged for by paying for a chopper ride to a vantage point of the city on the Grand Canyon. Booking a chopper ride from a professional pilot in advance is highly recommended.
Visiting the Mirage indoor garden setting is another way of enjoying your trip to Las Vegas. By visiting the garden at the mirage you are able to avoid the scorching sun and the high outdoor temperatures. Other than the relaxing nature of the gardens, your walk through them gives you a fun experience from the set scenes such as pools and waterfalls. This is the best place for nature enthusiasts who are on a trip to Vegas as they can find nourishment that comes from nature.
The hot weather at Las Vegas has allowed for one to spend as much time in the pools as they would want. If the hotel you are booked it doesn’t have a pool, you can always get a pass to other outdoor pools and enjoy a swim. It is always advisable that you carry a towel of your own.
A roller coaster or a gondola ride is also a fantastic way of enjoying your time in Las Vegas if you want to stay away from gambling casinos. This is among the best ways of finding value for your money which you would have lost on gambling tables. it gives an opportunity for speed and adrenaline junkies to enjoy the cold breeze effect of the speed by day and watch the Vegas city lights whiz away at night. If your trip to Las Vegas is for romantic purposes, walk down to Venetian where you get a gondola ride which is slow and low key. This offers tourists a Vienna or Amsterdam slow surf experience on the waters of the fake river.
To conclude, another way of having fun in Vegas is by watching a show with your family. Different casinos show different shows at different times of the day, and all you have to do is choose the best show to go and watch.