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Advantages of Marble Countertops for Your Kitchen

The kitchen should have the best countertops hence use marble countertops. choose to buy thee countertops from companies that have installation and maintenance experts. The marble kitchen countertops have these benefits.

They have a timeless elegance for enhancing the appearance for house decades. There various shades of white, green, yellow, black, grey and rose of marble countertops. Marble is a natural stone that has unique hues and colors depending on the region it has been mined. The uniqueness of hues and colors of the marble stones makes it easy for manufacturers of marble countertops to come up with countless designs. These eye-catchy historic structures like the Ancient Rome and sculptors that were designed by Michelangelo are made of Carrara, a type of marble that is so common. Some of the factors that makes marble countertops expensive is their beauty, elegance, variety and them being among the trusted oldest building materials.

Marble countertops are heat resistant which means that they do not melt or burn. However, they still need you to take care of them. Protect the countertop from direct heat by placing a trivet in between hot pans and the countertop. The heat will not damage the marble countertop, but it will change its color by making the place darker. The patches of darker colors will ruin the beauty of the countertop in a short time because you will not always be careful enough to place the hot pans at one place.

Marble does not fade or decay in harsh climatic conditions nor does it crack or scratch on high impact. Nevertheless, polish them regularly to maintain their shiny appearance. Most ancient builders used marble because it doesn’t break, scratch or crack when exposed to high impact.

The designers make a variety of edge profiles with marble countertops because they are soft and easy to cut. The common and simple edge profiles are bullnose, bevel, straight and demi bullnose. The stylish, complicated and elegant edge profiles include stair thread, chiseled, cove bullnose, and waterfall. The design of the edges of the marble countertop determines the price.

When you use a marble countertop as a working surface for baking, the process is smooth and fun. You need a suitable working surface for you to enjoy your cooking. The surface of these countertops are smooth and balanced to give you an easy time when working with the chocolate, ice cream, pastries, and so many other baking ingredients. The dough and other ingredients will not stick on the marble countertop, and you do the kneading. They remain cool even when temperatures in the kitchen are high. You will not have to clean the spills immediately for fear that they will be difficult to clean when they dry on the marble countertops because they are smooth, porous and do not stain.

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