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Daniel 12 And The Appointed Times

The majority of the global population is made of Christians. The other population is made up of Muslims, Indians, Pagans, among other religions. There is religious freedom in most nations of the world. There are also some parts of the world where some faiths are more dominant than the others. You may even have heard that there is religious persecution, especially of Christians around the world.

Christians believe in Jesus Christ, and their belief and faith are founded on the cross. They also use the Bible as the word of God that guides them to live Holy lives. The Bible is believed to have scriptures that were written by authors that were guided by the Holy Spirit of God. As a Christian, you have to make sure you understand the deeper meaning of Bible scriptures. Each scripture reveals something that concerns your life in one way or another. If you do not understand the Bible, you should make sure you seek guidance from teachers of the law or genuine preachers who are guided by the Holy Spirit of God.

When you are seeking revelation of the truth in the word of God, you have to make sure that you find it in places where there is genuine preaching, teachings, and prophecies of the word of God. You realize that in the modern church, people start churches for different reasons other than to teach the truth of the Bible. You will find most churches preaching prosperity Gospel. It is okay to tell people that if they believe in God, they will make it in life. But you also have to say to them the truth and base the teachings on the cross of Jesus. You have to remind people of the origin of their faith. Remind Christians that Jesus Christ is their hope.

The Bible also contains revelations of the word of God. The Book of Daniel 12 contains end-time revelations. Many Christians do not understand what God means when he is talking to Daniel, the Prophet, about end times. Even Daniel himself says he does not understand. The book of Revelation in the New Testament talks about end times as well and the things which will unfold at the end. John writes the revelations. Jesus also spoke about eschatology and end times in His preaching. Most of the things written in the revelation books have come to pass. Christians are being persecuted all over the world because of their belief. You may also have seen things like the mark of the beast where people will not be able to transact until they have a particular mark. It is indeed the end times because there are so much wickedness and confusion in the world.

Christians should have hope amid persecution. The good thing is that all pure people will be rewarded in the end. Jesus Christ will come as a judge who will condemn the wicked and reward the real Christians. As a Christian, your main aim should be to live Holy, read the scriptures, and ask for understanding from God. You should also make sure that you spread the Gospel so that non-believers know Jesus before His second coming.

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