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Starter Guide to Laser Fat Reduction

Whenever patients go for laser fat removal ? an updated process of weight reduction and body sculpting ? they can look forward to a lot of benefits. From tauter skin to speedy recovery, they will definitely enjoy every advantage that comes with the procedure compared to traditional liposuction.

The Mechanics Behind

Laser fat removal, a noninvasive fat treatment, zeroes in on fat cells while sparing all other surrounding tissues. After the treatment, your fat cells will still stay inside your body, but they will be remarkably smaller. Then they will be released into your interstitial fluid before finally being flushed out.

Ideal Patient

A good candidate for laser fat reduction is someone who doesn’t have much weight to lose but is only concerned about specific problem areas, like the waist, thighs or hips. You should have enough time too, as the procedure will usually require once-a-week sessions for several weeks. As you might expect, laser fat reduction treatment is contraindicated for women who are pregnant or trying to be pregnant, and also for those who have pacemakers. Remember too that the procedure will not correct any existing metabolic or hormonal irregularities that may have contributed to the excess weight, so you have to visit your physician first.

Laser Fat Reduction Benefits

Minimally Invasive

Laser fat removal is dramatically less invasive than the traditional process known as liposuction. With the old method, big tubes have to be used to suck out fat from various parts of the body, leading to pain and bruising. Laser fat removal, however, only involves making a small incision where the laser cannula will be inserted in order to reach the fats inside the body. While the fat cells liquefy and drain out, the laser also works to promote blood coagulation and prevent bleeding. With this and more, laser fat reduction is now more highly preferred as a body sculpting method.

Speedy Treatment and Recovery

Because laser fat removal is a quick and minimally invasive process, patients can recover fast as well. Patients can turn up for treatment at lunch hour and go right back to work with very little pain or discomfort, if any at all. Patients need to go in for multiple sessions but without disturbing their daily routine. This is considered a crucial advantage of laser fat reduction, considering that most people today are busy.

Better Sculpted Results

Lastly, with old-fashioned fat removal, patients are often left with saggy skin where the fat was extracted. With laser fat removal though, the treated area will look more sculpted and the skin will look a lot tighter, thanks to the laser’s ability to promote collagen production and tissue coagulation.

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