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A Guide to Choosing Emergency Exit Lighting

Emergency and exit lights are often ignored and almost go unnoticed until there is a fire but cannot find the exit because of smoke. Fortunately, emergency exit lights illuminate safety exist to minimize the danger of injury and death. Organizations, especially commercial buildings, require exit lights to fulfill the fire codes and standards. If you are planning to install your first emergency exit lights, then you are in the right place. Here are some tips on how to get the best exit lights.
The goal is to install a visible sign that will help people to evacuate a building during disasters. Hence, the lighting should offer enough light for greater visibility. So the lighted exit signs should be functional and bright not only to help occupants to navigate the building but also first responders.
Although you want the exit lights as a safety measure, bear in mind that you have to comply with fire codes and standards. Standards and laws are put in place to enhance the visibility of the emergency lighting should a fire or any other disaster arise. You are as a commercial business owner are bound to meet fire codes and standards. They will define how long the lights should stay on throughout an emergency. It is advisable that you go for LED exit lights as they offer better visibility, as well as extended run times. That way, you minimize panic and increase evacuation time.

It isn’t rare that buildings lose power in disaster or emergencies. With that in mind, you ought to connect your emergency lighting to an independent power source that ensures the lights are on even after there’s a power outage in the building. After all, you want occupants to vacate premises safely, irrespective of whether or not there’s power in the building. Make sure you inquire from the fire protection firm regarding choices that allow for several battery packs for longer run times and remote capacity.
Furthermore, make sure you are checking battery backup time. Battery backup time outlines the period for which your emergency exit light will illuminate your building with full intensity, and without any instabilities, once the battery is fully charged. The Average backup time for the battery in the market ranges from four to eight hours. A battery with 10 hours back up time would be a good option as it offers the right returns on investments.

Expect to get a warranty for the exit light sale Atlanta. However, ensure it offers a warranty period that provides protection for your investment. A manufacturer offering a warranty that is in effect for an extended period shows that they are confident in the quality of emergency exit lights they sell. Ensure you are buying from a vendor solid warranty for the exit lights.

Last but not least, you’ll need to work with a fire protection company for the proper installation of the exit lights. However, not all fire protection contractors are the same. Some offer reputable emergency lighting services, and others are unscrupulous. So make sure you check their licensure, experience, and insurance to ensure they can provide you with the best services.


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