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What You Should Know About the ETSA Application Process

ETSA is a new concept that a lot of people do not understand. ESTA was introduced to make the traveling of UK to US easy, you can now travel to the US from the UK without a Visa, and instead you will be required to have an ETSA. Although this process has made travel easier, many people do not understand how the process is easier than the VISA application process, and they do not understand how it works. The article will offer insight into the process ad how you can get help with the process.

The ETSA is the document provided to you to mean that the information that you have provided has been vetted and you have been deemed fit to visit the US. The ETSA application process is different from the VISA because it takes twenty-four hours to get your application status, unlike the VISA application process which may take two weeks or more. The next issue that makes this document different is the amount of time this document is valid. This document allows you to be in the USA for two years from the date that you receive the approval. You cannot extend the document like the VISA.

The ETSA allows you to access the US for business and tourism purposes. However, it does not allow you to visit the US and take a job. The fact that you can go for business purpose only means that you can attend meeting, conferences and similar things in the country. You can get medical assistance using this document, and you can also take short courses using the authorization given by this document.

Once you apply for the authorization, you can receive three types of responses, which include; authorization approved, authorization pending, and travel not authorized. When you receive the approved response, it means that the ETSA has been approved and you can travel. When the approval is pending it means that the information that you have provided will need to go through a secondary vetting and it will take seventy-two hours for you to know the fate of your document. If the response is not authorized, then it means that you are not authorized to travel to the US with the ETSA.

The approval of the ETSA is determined by the information that you provide. To get fast approval, you need to apply in good time and offer the right information. Many of the people who have not received authorization has been because they have not offered the information that is required. To ensure that you get a good response, always engage experts in the application process.

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