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What kind of security camera should you choose? This is a question that anyone who wants to buy a security camera to enhance security on their homes or offices face. This article discusses some guidelines that can assist you in buying these security cameras and the ideal places where you can install them for best performance.

Cameras have different features each with a different purpose. The first thing that you need to know before anything else is the area that you want the camera to cover and you then go ahead in looking at the features of the camera that will suit the security needs.

There are the fixed, tilt and zoom cameras which are referred to as (PTZ cameras). You may have a feeling that someone is following or staring at you as you walk into a building. You may look up and you will see a fixed camera or a PTZ staring at you. These cameras are designed to stare a particular view. These cameras monitor the movement up and down, left and light while zooming in and out. Fixed cameras are the cheapest hence the most widely used security cameras. The fixed cameras don’t need to be monitored on a daily basis while the PTZ demand so. The PTZ is convenient when security personnel are available to monitor them from a central location.

The other consideration that you may want is the megapixel and the definition of the pictures. You may think of the quality of the pictures that you currently see on the HD movies and compare them with what you were exposed to when you were a kid. Compare the image quality just 10 years ago. Images have been improved from standard to high definition such that even the smallest items can be identified. They have high clarity going to about 16 megapixels in resolution. All companies are going for these high definition cameras.

Color is also very essential when it comes to surveillance in low lighted conditions. In such circumstances, an infrared or thermal camera would be beneficial because they produce black and white images. These images wouldn’t blend well at night as color images would. Colored cameras are suitable for use during the day while the infrared and the thermal cameras would be suitable for dark areas.

The security camera would be if no use if not placed in an ideal position. Its location is as crucial as the camera itself. It’s like placing a blindfold on the lens when you position them in the wrong points. The aim of the camera is to provide surveillance and protect the property. You need to consider what you want to be monitored and any potential point that people access the area.

You should set up the cameras in areas that are effectively covered by the valuable assets. They are the most important items for the business or organization and should be carefully monitored.

The best place to install the cameras is at the checkpoints where people use when entering the area. This is a cost-effective way of monitoring.

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