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Benefits of DriveScreen Technology

According to WHO (World Health Organization), about 1.25 million people die every year because of road crashes or accidents and others get serious injuries. The sudden loss of a loved one or losing any of your body parts can be quite traumatizing and can change your entire life completely. The number one cause of road accidents is distracted driving. Most people lack awareness regarding driving skills and the best solutions to distracted driving. First, it is important to understand distracted driving. Distracted driving refers to the act of driving while you are still engaged in other activities. This takes the driver’s attention away from the screen hence causing the accident. To prevent accidents caused by distracted driving, there are crucial distracted driving solutions that are helpful in order to avoid and prevent car accidents.

Some of the best-known companies have provided distracted driving solutions. They have introduced drive screen technology that can easily be managed by android mobile devices. The drive screen technology provides great control to the drivers surrounding. The driver is able to use any application including launch, block hide, and many more. The drive screen technology is quite important. It ensures safe and secures driving for the driver, anytime, anywhere, and any vehicle. The drive screen technology has excellent features and because of this, it has continued to gain in popularity. More companies are embracing this technology to ensure that their drivers are not causing accidents due to distracted driving.

Some of the most common distracted driving prevention software like VuLock? is integrated and configured with Drivescreen so that it can blank out the screen, lockout the drivers’ mouse, keyboard, touch screen or pull up designated application when the car is in motion. Whether the driver is using a mobile phone, laptop or tablet this application can be applied. Whether the driver is using forklifts, field service, or passenger vehicles applications like VuLock? software powered by Drivescreen technology makes sure that the driver is going to focus and pay attention to the tasks at hand which is driving the vehicle safely.
There are many more additional advantages of DriveScreen technology in addition to its excellent features. The DriveScreen technology permits applications to be seen, however, it disables user input. When the car is in motion this screen can be configured so that it is hidden by any graphic that you choose, mostly a blank screen. The motion detection can be offered by a GPS. The DriveScreen application works with Android devices as well as windows. This technology can be applied and can work better will all android devices and also windows 1, 7, 8, and also 10.

For the installation process, only a configuration file is needed. The process cannot be stopped by any limited use. You can also be able to install any application and be able to fill many types of navigation applications, this is because the Drivescreen technology is very useful for easy navigation. The DriveScreen technology works based on GPS signals. This technology is aimed to work along with the internal and also external GPS receivers. However, if the GPS signals are not available, then the DriveScreen technology can work with the help of motion sensing devices in an indoor environment.

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