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Advantages of Eating Fresh Food

Food is important and we need it to stay alive. There are various types of food such as dried foods, preserved foods and fresh foods. Fresh food is is the food that has no preservatives and has not gone bad. Meats,fish,fruits,vegetables and nuts are some of the fresh foods. For fruits and vegetables to be called fresh they must have been harvested and stored well after harvest and not preserved with chemicals. Fresh from the water and just slaughtered for the meat is what fresh means. Fresh foods contain no additives and preservatives such as chemicals. As time goes food loses its nutrients hence eating fresh food is important. This article will outline the benefits of fresh food.
Fresh foods have a lot of nutrients because they have just been harvested. This is in most cases with fruits and vegetables. They are mostly nutritious when they are fresh unlike with preservatives. Vitamins are high in fresh foods and are known to die when preservatives are added. Preservatives are also known to reduces the nutritional value of most foods,It is therefore beneficial to eat food while still fresh.
Fresh foods taste better as compared to food that has been preserved. The longer the food stay the worst it tastes. For you to find the food tasteful it is important to eat it while fresh.
When we take food that is fresh we avoid harmful chemicals getting into our bodies. We all know that food that has been preserved in most cases contains chemicals. The chemicals prevent food from going bad. Chemicals found in preservatives are known to cause diseases therefore dangerous to our health.
Fresh foods contain high amount of fiber. This is highly found in fruits and vegetables. Foods with high fiber are good for the digestive system. High fiber will help in bowel movement and also assist in the production of good bacterial in the stomach. High fiber found in fresh foods make it easier to digest.
Blood sugar is kept low with the help of fresh food. The reason being that the sugar in fresh foods is natural unlike processed sugar that is contained in preservatives. High blood sugar is harmful to our health and can cause death. High blood sugar can cause other complications such as heart disease and diabetes. For the heart to function properly fresh food is needed. Blood is able to circulate well to the heart due to low cholesterol.
Fresh food are good for your skin. Studies have shown that eating fresh vegetable and fruit makes the skin glow and look younger. Fresh foods cost less since they are consumed immediately and they do not require to be put in the freezer or preserved.

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