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Know the Various Types of Vibration Sensors

There are manufacturers that produce the highest quality vibration sensors for different applications and industries, and it is good to know them for your own use.

The first to mention as a great instrument that will protect your machinery is the engine vibration sensors. Be aware that there are reasons why an engine fails and the most common ones are overheating, lubrication that is not right, leaks, and shortage of proper lubrication. These reasons can be avoided from happening with the aid of vibration sensors, and if failure does happen, these sensors will help you understand why it happened and can lead you to fixing the problem fast plus guiding you to prevent the problem from happening in the future.

Another protection of your machine is the motor vibration sensors that will aid in protecting the motors of your machine. Note that the most usual causes of motor failure are electrical overload, low resistance, overheating, contamination and undue vibration. With a vibration sensor, issues mentioned can be prevented that would save you thousands of dollars and plenty of time.

For pumps to fail, the most common reason is leaking, and aside from this, other reasons that would attribute the failure of a pump are not enough monitoring of auxiliary seal flush levels, improper installation, vibration, overheating, pressure and suction restriction and cavitation. To avoid the mentioned concerns, pump vibrations sensors can avert those because they can detect at an early stage these problems, thus failures that will be catastrophic will be avoided.

Those who are using screw compressors or reciprocating compressors, you will find it helpful to have compressor vibration sensors. The common reasons why these devices fail are changes in your air conditioning system or refrigeration system and others, so once your machine starts experiencing issues, it is better to install a compressor vibration sensor.

For centrifuges, the vibration sensor that can help it avoid failure is the next kind of vibration sensor called centrifuge sensor. Using this kind of sensor will avert concerns brought about by improper installation, improper balancing of tubes, incorrect buckets attachment, using tubes not meant for the specified speed of the machine, and rotor’s overloaded maximum pass.

Damaged pieces, incorrect alignment, shaft or bearing that is loose, and poor inlet conditions are among the factor that can make your fans fail, and so in this case, it is recommended that you install fan vibration sensor. To protect your fans, it is good to get the services of some companies who can create a top of the line vibration sensor for your fans that will serve as a preventive maintenance that will help you save time and money.

The next vibration sensor is the cooling tower vibration sensor, which help prevent your cooling tower from being damaged due to several reasons like lack of maintenance, temperature that is unexpectedly rising, noise and vibration that is excessive, water loss and reduced flow of water, or a lowered capacity to cool.

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