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The Complete Guide to 2 Carat Diamonds

When it comes to diamond jewelry, your options are many. Out of the many options of diamond jewelry pieces that you can choose from, diamond rings are the most popular. There are different kinds, shapes, colors, and sizes of diamond rings. For diamond rings, the most popular begins with the 1-carat diamond ring followed by the 2-carat diamond rings. This article will focus more on the latter.

When it comes to diamond rings, you have to understand yet again that the second most popular diamond choice is the 2 carat diamond. A lot of diamond buyers choose these stones because they are a bit bigger than their 1 carat variants but are still affordable.

In terms of 2-carat diamond prices, they are determined by a lot of factors. Basically, the value of any diamond is classified by the quality grade of their 4Cs, namely, cut, clarity, carat, and color. One thing that you should know about carat is that it is a unit of weight and does not refer to the size of the diamond. Because of its uniform weight, carat is used as the standard for weighing precious stones. For one carat, the weight equivalent is 200 milligrams or 0.007 ounces. However, carat can also be utilized to reflect the approximate size of the diamond. Diamond sizes in terms of carat can start from 1-carat diamonds to 10-carat diamonds and so on. Diamond price charts are often being given by the diamond sellers to their diamond buyers. Make sure to check this chart for you to be able to buy the most fitting diamond ring or diamond jewelry in mind.

The wholesale price of diamonds is the best way for you to get a great deal for diamonds for sale. It is important that you have some idea how to calculate the average wholesale price of the diamond that you are thinking of buying. In order for you to calculate this, multiply the price per carat with the number of carats. So, basically, you multiply the price per carat by 2 since you want 2 carat diamonds.

In addition to getting a good computation of the 2-carat diamond prices, you can get a good estimate of the jewelry that you are buying by determining what kind of jewelry you want. For example, start computing for 2-carat diamond ring prices. Another multiplication of 2 must be done on the price if you are planning to buy diamond earrings because two diamonds are involved in this. Nonetheless, if you want classic diamond stud earrings, the price of the jewelry is similar to the price of the diamonds.

Though the size of 2 carat diamonds is slightly bigger than that of 1 carat diamonds, they still make a popular center diamond choice when it comes to diamond rings. The most common reason why people prefer 2 carat diamonds is that the slightly bigger appearance looks better without having to look awkward when wearing the ring daily.

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