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Features in Facebook that are Hidden and Made Use of by Pros

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the whole world. There are a lot of friendships formed via Facebook and also businesses that utilize this opportunity to advertise what they do. For a new Facebook user, things are not that easy but as they continue using the platform they can things much better. Other Facebook features, however, are not even family to the users who have been there for long. For more information about features in Facebook that are hidden and made use of by the pros, read this article.

One of the features that are not known by many on Facebook is the “friends organizer ” feature. It is possible to manage the friends’ list that you have by simply checking the home page on where it is indicated friend lists so that you create your own. The other feature in Facebook that is hidden and made use of by pros is the “restricted friends” list. If you wish to share something that you only want to reach certain people, it is possible to change this on the settings so that you feel safe and comfortable. Make sure your settings are appropriate before posting for the posts to serve the right purpose.

The “previous post” finder also is a hidden Facebook feature used by pros. Knowing this makes your search of a shared post or one you were tagged in fast. The other Facebook feature that is hidden and made use of by pros is the “past comment” finder. You simply check on the comments by clicking the comment part that directs you to other comments so that you react where you are required to.

You also need to know about the “personal Facebook data back-up creator” utilized by pros as a hidden feature. In case of any content on Facebook that might be relevant another time, you can check out the download section on the settings. The “call-a-friend “feature that helps a lot in case of a lockout. You will also get help in case of any challenge when you know about the human Facebook support expert.

The “snooper-finder” feature also is a hidden feature on Facebook used by pros where one can tell whoever accessed their account and log them out. The “hidden inbox” is also a hidden feature on Facebook that is used by pros to find out people who are trying to connect with them and are not friends. The last hidden feature on Facebook used by pros is the “restricted friend request” setting which is helpful if you only wish to connect with people around you. The above considerations will help you to understand the hidden Facebook features used by pros.

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