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The Nature and Application of Rhinoplasty: What to Expect

When you are not content with how your nose is shaped or its size, you have the option to go for a rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty is a corrective procedure that serves both cosmetic and medical applications. If for example, your nose has been damaged after a traumatic injury or illness, rhinoplasty can be applied to restore its normal functioning.

When you enlist the services of the best facial surgeons, you will have the procedure done in a way that will make maintain its functionality, while improving its appearance in line with the rest of your face.

There are some expectations you need to meet before you are eligible for rhinoplasty. You for one, need to be done with growing. It cannot, therefore, be performed on a teenager. Changes in their facial structure as they continue to grow will affect the look and function of the nose as time goes. Only those who were born with a birth defect like a cleft palate can be considered. You must also be in good health and not smoking. Smoking can lead to tissue damage.

The surgeon will also make sure you understand what the procedure entails, and any risks it may bring. It is normally a safe procedure, but you need to make sure you are being operated on by a competent and highly experienced surgeon. You need one who can go as far as showing you simulations of how your nose will turn out after the surgery and recovery. You will be more comfortable knowing what your nose will most likely look like. It also helps give you more confidence, as going under the knife with no idea how you will look like is a scary prospect.

Rhinoplasty intended for helping a person breathe better and have a better-shaped nose involves removing the nasal hump, reshaping the nose tip, reshaping or resizing the nostrils, or even increasing or decreasing the nose’s size and projection. You can expect the procedure to take two to three hours. It is classified as an outpatient procedure.

In the event you need additional cartilage to augment the nose, it will be harvested from the patient’s nasal septum. If you need the procedure to correct a previous one that did not produce the desired results, the cartilage may be harvested from the ear or rib. There are also cases where it is harvested from an approved cadaver. Such corrections are highly delicate and extremely difficult procedures. You are better off going for the services of a highly-skilled surgeon the first time.

There is also the non-surgical rhinoplasty, or liquid rhinoplasty, which is performed while you are awake. There is the use of hyaluronic acid fillers to change the shape and size of the nose with no need for invasive surgery.

You can expect some mild comfort after a rhinoplasty procedure. You will be given medication to help control it. You are also likely to have to bruise under the eyes and still needing to use a splint. The splints will be on for at least a week, to keep the bones and cartilage safe. You need to take it easy for about three weeks, and not put any pressure on the nose, such as through wearing glasses, for not less than a month.

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